My Journey

My love for yoga began when I realized how this beautiful practice made me feel, both on the outside and on the inside. I began a home based practice for myself and then decided a few years later I would start to take part in a public class. Since that time my love for yoga has grown even beyond my own dreams.  I decided that I needed to take this journey to another level. I wanted to be able to help others on a journey of their own to experience the wondrous effects of the mind, body and soul that yoga can bring to their own inner self.   I became a teacher after going to Vancouver and taking a 200 HR. teacher training led by the beautiful Kristin Campbell along with Janet Corvino.  Since then I have taken Children's Yoga workshops, Restorative Yoga workshops.  January 2016 I completed  70 hour Yin Yoga Training back in Vancouver, led by the wonderful Ashley Holly.  August 2016 achieved my teacher training for Yoga Nidra in Calgary, Alberta from the amazing energy filled Tanis Fishman.  In October of 2016 I furthered my training and went to Mauii to complete my advanced 300 HR teacher training led by Nadia Toramin, Karin Kuhn, Jennifer Bonadio. All of who have my greatest respect. Being very blessed to have had so many loving, nurturing and very knowledgable teachers through out my journey. The training I received while in Mauii has left me with even a greater understanding of this amazing practice. The ability to safely lead students to a place of self love, self acceptance and self healing by safely guiding them through each asana  using the breath, the mind and the body is an amazing gift that I share very honourably.  I bring to my practice the power of the the heart. I teach from life experiences and from the heart of my soul. They call this a practice and that is what I continue to do. I am perfectly imperfect and will continue to grow as I practice, as I teach as I LOVE! I teach beginner classes, multi level classes, children's yoga, YIN Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Seniors yoga , Vinyoga, Mediation and private classes that are tailored to your individual self caring needs.  I offer a safe non-judgemental space that each and everyone can feel welcome. A space where the love and the deepest respect for yourself is very important to me.