Enjoying your last day of JAMMIES!!!

I got a good chuckle from my brother in laws post on Face Book.

"Dear Everyone...Enjoy your last day of pajamas...Tomorrow we all have to go back to adulting!!! 

I remember as a child all we wanted to do was grow up and be our own boss.  This being a kid stuff was for the birds.  Like really having to keep a bedroom clean versus keeping a house of 1300 square feet clean.  Making our lunch before bedtime of 9 PM, so we can get up in the morning and go hang out with our life long friends versus making sure breakfast is ready for the family and supper plans are made or in the oven / crockpot and then finishing everything that got started today and heading to bed about midnight, so we can head out the door in the morning and spend the day with our "BOSS".  Lets not forget,  having to take the garbage out every single day after school!!! 

Now as an adult we all wish we where children again!!!! 

It doesn't matter who we are or how old we are it seems that there is always a part of us that wants more......UNTIL we realise and come to appreciate that what we already have is everything that we really need.  Sure we always want the big fancy holiday house, or the wonderful tropical vacation and its OK to dream as long as we realise that what we have in our lives and WHO we are  right now...right this moment truly is what we should be grateful for.

Be grateful and Thankful...But don't forget to dream!!!!


Good-bye 2015....Hello 2016

Saying good bye to 2015 and saying hello to 2016...What a better way than to hop on to the mat!! I've always said that a yoga mat is a sacred space for all. Learning self love and acceptance and releasing your ego is a great call to action on the mat.  Like 2015 I will leave behind negativity, ego and a great deal of other emotions that do not benefit me or make stronger.  2015 has had some amazing things happen for my family, my friends and also myself.  To these I am grateful. But 2015 has also left us with many struggles. These struggles define who we are.  These struggles have taught us life lessons and made each of us stronger.  We should learn from them.  By learning we do not have to dwell on them or carry them around as weights on our shoulders. Actually it is the opposite. We acknowledge them learn from them and leave them behind.  Don't carry these struggles thru to 2016.

2016 is a 365 page book of blank pages and you are the author holding the pen!!  Each day it is YOU that will decide how your day will be! POSITIVE or NEGATIVE!!  The journey is yours. Knowing that life will always give us stumbling blocks. But it is up to YOU how those stumbling blocks will fit into your journey.  Always look for the positive in every situation and concentrate on that and make that your JOURNEY.  The journey of LOVE, COMPASSION, STRENGTH, SELF ACCEPTANCE, FAITH, HEALTH and above all the LOVE and RESPECT for YOURSELF...make that your journey.

Wishing you MUCH LOVE and LIGHT for 2016



Gift Of Giving

An afternoon of giving..a story to be told.  Where to begin. This afternoon my husband and I went to the grocery store and started filling our carts with frozen turkeys.  Once all the carts were full I looked over and read the fine print of the sign.  Turkeys were selling for .95 per pound. Limit of one and the next one after that and the next ones after that were $1.88 per pound. With the hole growing in my heart I broke the news to my husband and said that at the full price we may only purchase half the turkeys we have in the carts.  Then I got a thought, so I ran to the front of the store and asked to speak to the manager of the Super Store in Lethbridge and this beautiful lady (Asst. Manager) came around the corner. I told her the situation and explained that we would really like to donate these turkeys to the food bank if she could some how help us out. She replied to me "That it would not be a problem at all."  Asked me to follow her.  Off we went to the first cashier and she explained that we were coming thru with a bunch of frozen turkeys and to override the price and make them ALL .95 per pound. After giving her a huge hug, I ran back to my husband and gave him a big thumbs up and a HUGE smile!!!!! 
THE GIFT OF GIVING. Warms our heart and truly is the spirit of Christmas.   Your gift does not have to be a truck full of turkeys, it can be one small turkey, a loving smile or a helping hand asking nothing in return. Thru the years the spirit of Christmas...the Reason for the Season...has become commercialized. With all too many of us thinking that we need to have a stack of gifts under the tree that have been purchased from the department stores. My self included, I am guilty of this. When really sometimes LESS is MORE!!!  Having family, friends and maybe even a stranger around your Christmas tree is really what is important. Helping someone less fortunate than yourself celebrate a Christmas that they so also deserve. Everyone has a story to tell and a gift to give.