Gift Of Giving

An afternoon of giving..a story to be told.  Where to begin. This afternoon my husband and I went to the grocery store and started filling our carts with frozen turkeys.  Once all the carts were full I looked over and read the fine print of the sign.  Turkeys were selling for .95 per pound. Limit of one and the next one after that and the next ones after that were $1.88 per pound. With the hole growing in my heart I broke the news to my husband and said that at the full price we may only purchase half the turkeys we have in the carts.  Then I got a thought, so I ran to the front of the store and asked to speak to the manager of the Super Store in Lethbridge and this beautiful lady (Asst. Manager) came around the corner. I told her the situation and explained that we would really like to donate these turkeys to the food bank if she could some how help us out. She replied to me "That it would not be a problem at all."  Asked me to follow her.  Off we went to the first cashier and she explained that we were coming thru with a bunch of frozen turkeys and to override the price and make them ALL .95 per pound. After giving her a huge hug, I ran back to my husband and gave him a big thumbs up and a HUGE smile!!!!! 
THE GIFT OF GIVING. Warms our heart and truly is the spirit of Christmas.   Your gift does not have to be a truck full of turkeys, it can be one small turkey, a loving smile or a helping hand asking nothing in return. Thru the years the spirit of Christmas...the Reason for the Season...has become commercialized. With all too many of us thinking that we need to have a stack of gifts under the tree that have been purchased from the department stores. My self included, I am guilty of this. When really sometimes LESS is MORE!!!  Having family, friends and maybe even a stranger around your Christmas tree is really what is important. Helping someone less fortunate than yourself celebrate a Christmas that they so also deserve. Everyone has a story to tell and a gift to give.