Enjoying your last day of JAMMIES!!!

I got a good chuckle from my brother in laws post on Face Book.

"Dear Everyone...Enjoy your last day of pajamas...Tomorrow we all have to go back to adulting!!! 

I remember as a child all we wanted to do was grow up and be our own boss.  This being a kid stuff was for the birds.  Like really having to keep a bedroom clean versus keeping a house of 1300 square feet clean.  Making our lunch before bedtime of 9 PM, so we can get up in the morning and go hang out with our life long friends versus making sure breakfast is ready for the family and supper plans are made or in the oven / crockpot and then finishing everything that got started today and heading to bed about midnight, so we can head out the door in the morning and spend the day with our "BOSS".  Lets not forget,  having to take the garbage out every single day after school!!! 

Now as an adult we all wish we where children again!!!! 

It doesn't matter who we are or how old we are it seems that there is always a part of us that wants more......UNTIL we realise and come to appreciate that what we already have is everything that we really need.  Sure we always want the big fancy holiday house, or the wonderful tropical vacation and its OK to dream as long as we realise that what we have in our lives and WHO we are  right now...right this moment truly is what we should be grateful for.

Be grateful and Thankful...But don't forget to dream!!!!